Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cheers and Chants

When you are cheering, it is always necessary that you have some cheers to yell out to your football team and your basketball team. Some of these cheers varying on teams(basketball, football, etc.) but others can vary on the team's name or mascot. But normally in a cheer, you should always have your school name, your school's colors, or your mascot in it somehow.
Here would be an example of a good cheer with the school's name in it:

Team name's fans come on, fired it up!
Maroon, Gold, Maroon, Gold
Team name's fans come on fire it up!
School name, Go School name, School Name Go school Name
Maroon, Gold, Maroon, Gold
Let's Go Team name!!

You also want to have some cheer moves to go along with your cheer so it is not just you standing there saying your cheer.

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